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Organize Conference

Organize Conference

Organize your conference on our platform. Find the tools you need to run a successful conference and take advantage of customized support.

CAPCDR is an event planning platform that supports open science by offering the opportunity to host and participate in academic conferences. It provides an environment for scholarly exchange, discussion of topics of current interest, building of networks and establishing collaborations.  CAPCDR does not only offer the possibility to participate in conferences, but invites scientists to organize their own conferences. The organizers reduce their administrative efforts thanks to an online tool that supports all aspects of conference organization, including setting up and maintaining the conference website, managing the peer-review process, publishing the conference proceedings, handling and coordinating the conference schedule, registration, billing, sponsors, etc. Organizers can choose between physical and online conferences and whether they require administrative support from CAPCDR staff.

Physical Conferences

CAPCDR serves as a platform for conference registrations, and for conference abstract/paper submission and revision. Proceedings and presentations can be made available on CAPCDR after the event.

Online Conferences

Online conferences are events held online that presenters and attendees can participate for free. While the conference is running, participants can use CAPCDR as a discussion forum on conference papers and presentations. Proceedings and discussions are immediately archived on CAPCDR.